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Glass Bead Game Development Project

The first beadgames are about to start. Visit our forums for more information.

OFFICIALLY STARTED - The glass bead game development project has officially started. This site will soon become the home of all details related to the development of this game, as well as information as to when the system will be ready.

An interim game system is currently being designed. This is being done to allow for formal online glass bead games to occur easier and quicker..

The interim system will revolve around the use of the vBulletin Forums that BCNGroup currently uses for community discussion. A set of tools is currently being developed to enable game players to use message posts or threads as beads and games. These tools will allow the players to make the appropriate links, as well as provide a means to visualize the game as it continues.

Once the interim system has been completed, an entire system will be developed which removes the dependency on vBulletin software, as well as all of the "extras" which are included in this software which are not required for playing the game. Once complete, this will represent version 1 of the GBG system, and will be completely independent in and of itself to perform all game and archiving requirements.

Developers Wanted - Volunteer developers are needed to complete this system.

Any further questions or comments can be posted to the Glass Bead Game development forum (located in the BCNGroup forums).