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5) Organizational Structure

In order to maintain the ability to evolve and quickly adapt to unforeseen events and outcomes, the BCNGroup will configure itself to operate as a virtual enterprise.

Its members will work together to seek out opportunities, to make discoveries and to freely share basic results. Its members will form contracts with third parties to develop specific products in a way that does not limit but rather enhances public access to basic scientific discoveries.

The BCNGroup itself will be a testbed for the formation, operation and reconfiguration of virtual enterprise. It has formally incorporated as a non-profit organization, and will seek maximum freedom in making decisions regarding its activities.

The BCNGroup will create new concepts on how scientific research can be independently funded and how knowledge can be disseminated.

The BCNGroup will strive to serve as a prototype for how business and science communities interact in the 21st century.

One aspect of the testbed will be the implementation of a multilingual-shared knowledge base. This will make the BCNGroup's corporate knowledge available to members and subscribers via the worldwide web.

The knowledge base will initially consist of a gray literature collection hyper-linked to a multilingual (language independent) concept space.

This resource will be maintained at a central facility for the collection and dissemination of new and existing research in the fields of Behavioral and Computational Neuropsychology (BCN), and Applied Semiotics and Intelligence Systems (ASIS).

Additional fields for supported investigations will be specified in the future.