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4) Responsibilities

The BCNGroup assumes certain responsibilities commensurate with its role in holding a public trust. These responsibilities are implicitly defined by the BCNGroup Mission Statement and are interpreted by the Founding Committee to include the following:

4a) To freely share knowledge capital through public disclosure of basic research and proof of principle results, except in special cases where prohibited by law.

4b) To contract with third parties to develop specific applications of knowledge capital.

4c) To identify opportunities for BCNGroup-mediated projects that transforms value from knowledge capital built upon scientific principles to privately owned items of intellectual property.

4d) To identify and configure the resources for responding to technology transfer opportunities.

In order to successfully carry out these responsibilities, the BCNGroup will:

4e) Build and maintain a knowledge base that allows rapid identification and access to the knowledge resources of the group.

4f) Provide a communications, legal and social infrastructure that enables the rapid creation and dissemination of knowledge.

4g) Establish and manage contractual agreements with member scientists and third parties in order to quickly respond to business opportunities.