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9) Membership

The BCNGroup Founding Committee consists of three individuals. Each of these individuals appoints his or her replacement. Governing Council membership is honorary and appointments, by the Founding Committee, are generally made for life.

The non-management membership is composed of individual scientific members. Membership rules are to be determined by the BCNGroup Governing Council. The Governing Council will meet only once in a five year period.

Non-voting Corporate Sponsorship will be accepted based on a yearly renewal and a fee structure determined by the BCNGroup Management Team.

On a yearly basis, the BCNGroup scientific members will select five members to the Scientific Council.

The election will be conducted by allowing each member of the BCNGroup to nominate up to twenty scientists. The nomination process will be through secret ballot by BCNGroup members in good standing.

Although membership in the BCNGroup is not required for nomination, each valid nominee must have an earned Doctoral degree and must have published a scientific paper during the previous five years.

The five scientists with the largest nomination count will be invited to serve a three-year term. If a selected nominee declines, or if there is a vacancy on the Scientific Council, a new nominee will be selected to serve based on the nomination count of the prior election.

If adequate funds are available, seated members of the Scientific Council will receive an honorarium equaling up to 100% of their previous year's salary.