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Welcome to BCNGroup

BCNGroup is a not for profit organization dedicated to furthering knowledge sciences in today's society. BCN is on the perimeter of humanistic globalization, a final frontier in cultural understanding as important as any scientific endeavor undertaken by men and women at any time in history.

The BCNGroup supports the incubation of abstract ideas through such goals as the National Project. The National Project is designed to establish the Knowledge Sciences as an Academic Discipline. The project touches all segments of society, from the way we will educate our children in the future, to new business and economic paradigms, bio-informatics, national security, policy formulation for governance and even toward the empowerment of informed citizen voting.

It is through the challenges we seek to overcome that your support, time, talent and treasure to advance from the Information Age into a new revolution, the Universal Age of Knowledge Diffusion.

Please feel free to browse our site, see what we have to offer, and we hope you are interested enough to become a member.